Everything You Wanted to Know about Drugs with Annie Bleeker – Event

27 May, 2017

What’s all the fuss about Crystalline Methamphetamines (ICE), Cannabis and Alcohol? .

Now is your chance to find out more about the drug trends in Australia and making sense of the statistics as well as learning more about these drugs. The Gunnedah Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) is a group of people who are working together in towns and cities across NSW to prevent harm from drugs and alcohol.

Annie Bleeker is a dynamic and engaging trainer and facilitator. Annie’s unique skill is her ability to connect with and engage audiences from different countries, cultures and demographics. She has taught and facilitated workshops on a variety of topics all over Australia and internationally: in places as diverse as Indonesia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Annie has actively worked in the HIV/AIDS and alcohol and other drugs (AOD) sector since 1990. Her early career was spent developing HIV/AIDS policy and designing effective national prevention strategies in the government sector. In 1992, she began working internationally dividing her time between Australia, the Netherlands and Indonesia where she worked as a trainer, researcher and writer.

In 1999, Annie commenced working in HIV/AIDS and development implementing a number of international training courses on stigma, HIV and drug use, in South Eastern and Central Asia.

Annie has taught at the University of Western Sydney and Sydney University; and also delivered over 150 workshops on cannabis for the National Cannabis and Prevention and Information Centre at the University of NSW (UNSW).
In 2003, she commenced working as a Senior Research Officer at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW where she continues to work casually.

She currently works as a freelance trainer, writer, evaluator and researcher. She is also casually employed as a guest lecturer and tutor in the School of Public Health, University of Sydney.

The NSW Government’s Community Engagement and Action Program (CEAP) is administered by the Australian Drug Foundation. The program oversees the coordination and operation of Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs). For more information about CDATs and drug and alcohol prevention go to www.adf.org.au

Presented by Gunnedah Community Drug Action Team will be held at The Smithurst Theatre on Tuesday, 20 June 2017 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 pm at a cost of $20.00 to cover the cost of lunch and morning tea. To purchase tickets go to https://www.stickytickets.com.au/51994

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